Natural and Organic
Facial Services
  1. 1
    Papaya and pineapple enzymes gently exfoliate and nourish the skin to promote a healthier and more radiant glow.
  2. 2
    Lavender Facial
    A lavender infused facial that promotes relaxation and helps lower the level of stress hormones leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  3. 3
    Green Tea Facial
    Combats aging skin with antioxidants and EGCG. Dull and tired skin will be rejuvenated and fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.
  4. 4
    Tea Tree Facial
    Nature's alternative for acne and blackhead treatments, rids the skin of excess oils. Extractions are included.
  5. 5
    Wild Oat and Honey
    Organic oatstraw and organic honey create a powerful exfoliation you can really feel, leaving the skin soft, smooth and gleaming.
  6. 6
    Charcoal Facial
    Activated Charcoal, Vitamin C and B5 and hyaluronic acid provide dry skin with extreme hydration leaving it soft and supple.
  7. 7
    Ayurvedic Facial
    Natural and fresh ingredients leave skin unbelievably soft and glowing. Exfoliating masque, eye and hand treatment, lip exfoliation, aromatherapy and neck and decollete' included, .
  8. 8
    Monthly Special
    FRESH FRUIT FACIAL: Fresh fruits full of powerful enzymes allow extreme exfoliation from Mother Nature herself. Advanced scheduling necessary.

Full Body Waxing

LYCON's Hot Waxes (traditionally known as hard wax), shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1 mm! Perfect for sensitive areas on the face and body and virtually painless!

LYCON Hot Waxes encompass the finest selection of organic, natural and soothing ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and hair free.

Full Face
Legs (half and full)
Arms (half and full)
Bikini (partial and full)