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Christmas Gift Special
90 Minute Facial
$85 {reg $130} 
Bloom Essence Holiday Facial,
 Fresh Cucumber Eye treatment, Lip Exfoliation, Neck Firming Mask, Hand Massage
and LED collagen Light Treatment  

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90 Minute facial consists of consultation, facial with all included treatments as stated in special offer and 30-40 minutes under LED red light therapy

​Secret Organics

Secret Organics Rejuvenating Moisturizer

Rich with antioxidants, this lightweight moisturizer drenches skin with organic aloe, organic coconut oil and jojoba oil, nourishing vitamin E , rosewater and rosemary. If your skin is thirsty for hydration, this refreshing moisturizer absolutely delivers. The soothing, cooling fragrance of fresh cucumbers, leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. 

Secret Organics
Replenishing Cream
Facial Cleanser

This light, creamy cleanser features moisture enhancing ingredients that rid the skin of dirt without the need for lather or foam. This cleanser is packed full of vitamins A,C, B5 and E. Organic aloe and olive oil, organic lavender,  white tea extracts gently cleanse, yet replenish, leaving your skin soft and silky.  The fragrance of lavender and mint is extremely refreshing.
​​​Secret Organics
​Refreshing Toner

This refreshing toner is pH balancing which prepares the skin for serums and moisturizers. It refines and helps minimize the appearance of pores. It features organic aloe leaf juice, rose distillate and tea tree essential oil. It is a must in your daily skin regime.  
​Secret Organics
Ultimate Beauty Package

​Save money by ordering the entire package. The basics of at home skin care should always include a cleanser, toner and moisturzier. Secret Organics is a wonderful line  to help you fall in love with your skin.